LED Sign Retrofit

A Tim Hortons sign LED retrofit in progress.

Your existing sign is your number one sales tool.  So why let an unsightly, burned-out neon sign damage your image?  A properly lit sign will attract more customers.

Retrofit your existing sign to a super-bright, long-lasting LED sign

C.E.S.C.O.'s LED system can reduce your sign's energy consumption up to 75% and leave your sign working maintenance free for years to come.  Normally the cost to retrofit your sign would be equal to the cost of 2 service calls.

C.E.S.C.O. has retrofitted over 200 signs across Canada in the last 3 years for some of Canada's largest retailers.

Experience and Expertise

Our crews are well-trained, experienced and receive ongoing safety and operating instructions.  C.E.S.C.O. is a preferred ESA contractor and has on staff Electricians who can provide a final hook-up, if required.